Sensation Awakening Remedy

The Sensation Awakening Remedy is an unconventional way to help with sexually based problems like:

  • vaginal numbness
  • frigidity
  • premature ejaculation
  • erectile disfunction
  • not feeling connected to your body or genitals
  • not feeling orgasmic
  • not feeling satisfied after orgasm
  • sexual conditioning
  • porn addiction

In 10 Sessions à 1 hour, I will bring your body’s true desire for orgasmicness to rise. With the softest, slowest, stroking touch of my palms I awaken and calm every single inch of your body, giving it time to follow and reconnect the nerve endings with the part of your brain that allows pleasure and happiness to take place. I will be fully dressed during the sessions to ensure that you can surrender to my touch with no erotic or sexual expectations, feel safe and put your focus inwards.

10 sessions à 1 h – 800€